Teachers' Associations

Physical Educationalist Study Groups

For each subject in each province a voluntary study group has been constituted. In collaboration with the educational institutes the groups organise as required events with educational themes.
At conferences contemporary subject areas are worked on and matters of professional policy dealt with.
The provincial study groups send representatives to a federal study group which acts as a supraregional advisory organisation.

Austrian Physical Education Associations

The three largest physical education associations in Austria are the VdLO (Physical Education Association of Austria), the VAL (Association of Physical Education Teachers) and the VSP (Association of Sports Teacher in Schools).
These associations offer subject information, further training courses, teachers' competitions, sports equipment deals etc.
Over and above that they see themselves as initiators of technical and policy discussions and changes.

In addition to the nationally operational Physical Education Association of Austria (VdLÖ), there exist also accociations which are more regional: VAL (Association of all Physical Education Teachers) and VSP (Association of  Sports Teachers in Schools). The associations of the "Forum of Austrian Physical Education Teachers (FOL)" have joined together with the study groups particularly in order to improve coordination and the exchange of information between all schools. The FOL tackles those problems which by their importance affect the aims of the association e.g. the professional image of physical education teachers.

The European Network of Sport Sciences in Higher Education (ENSSHE) is a Thematic Network of Institutes which is recognised by the European Commission.
The ENSSHE was established in Luxembourg in 1989 in response to the shared conviction that the sports sector can make a positive contribution to realising the European ideal.
Since then, the Network has been actively involved in furthering European
integration as embodied in the Maastricht Treaty.

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