Further Teacher Education

Cultural Affairs Educational Initiatives by the Ministry for Education and Cultural Affairs

Basically, teacher further education measures are established in each province. There is also a strong move to put on seminars and workshops as teacher further education events for individual schools - "SCHILF" which stands for in-service further teacher education.
Central events organised by the Ministry for Education and Cultural Affairs are directed primarily, therefore, at those teachers who are to be appointed as "cascaders" for the teacher training institutes and endeavour to work up new and contemporary themes in workshop events. Over and above that material for improving further education measures i.e. pamphlets, posters, videos CD ROM's etc. are produced for individual subject areas.

Teacher and vocational teacher training institutes

In each province there are one or two teacher training institutes which come under the jurisdiction of the appropriate provincial education authority. These establishments are concerned with the development of teachers for all types of school. In each institute, physical education development is looked after, conceived and coordinated by a member of the planning staff for physical education in collaboration with the subject inspector responsible and with physical education study group leader.

Particular emphasis is placed on contemporary developments e.g. curricular innovations in the area of wintersports and of those disciplines often offered at summer sports weeks by commercial enterprises. The principal aim is for teachers to be capable of introducing children properly to the sport or at least having sufficient knowledge and experience that they can assess the commercial offer and take on some responsibility as ?second qualified person?.

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