In elementary schools physical education opportunities and teaching in physical education and sport are common to the whole class, both girls and boys.
From the fifth year onwards compulsory physical education and sport are almost without exception separated by sex so that girls are taught by ladies and boys by men. In the curriculum there are in general no learning aims specific to girls or boys.

The social value of coeducation in physical education is nevertheless appreciated as an opportunity for many learning processes in the company of the respective opposite sex. Despite the separation by sex in compulsory classes boys and girls can be taught together:

  • In sport-oriented schools.
  • In all schools if the teaching is conducted simultaneously by several teachers and if the subject content is appropriate e.g. dance, swimming, leisure activities.
  • In vocational upper schools if in separating by sex numbers become too small to allow curricular physical education teaching to take place.
  • In voluntary sessions.
  • During summer and winter sport weeks.
  • Also at schoolsport competitions and festivals mixed teams are increasingly encountered in some sports.

Further possible forms of co-educational instruction within the curriculum are the so-called integrated interest groups which can be formed transcending classes either for the whole academic year of for a specified period of teaching. A preferred physical activity of a preferred sport is chosen by pupils and pursued as a speciality over a greater length of time. This can be taught either by a male or a female teacher.

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